Bronze Buffet - £8.50


Platter of ready-made sliced bread sandwiches decorated with lettuce leaves.


Ham, beef, cheese, egg mayonnaise.

Platter of mini sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, pork pies and pepperoni pizza bites.

Platter of cheese & onion rolls, cheese and tomato pizza bites.


Scones and muffins.


Set menu only – no options available.

Silver Buffet - £11.00


Platters of ready-made sandwiches on crusty bread and soft fresh bread decorated with lettuce leaves, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes - choose from a selection.


Italian cheesy bread slices platter - loaded cheesy garlic breads, garlic bread on its own or olive and red onion.


Spicy chicken pizza and/or pepperoni pizza fingers (gluten free available, by request)


Chicken: mini Kiev’s, spicy wings, barbecue wings, goujons, popcorn chicken


Pizza fingers (gluten free available by request) 

Quiche wedges.


Chicken: spicy chicken wings, barbecue chicken wings.

Gold Buffet - £13.50


Choose from the list. Click here.











Children's Buffet Catering - £15.50


Ham, chicken, cheese, egg mayonnaise sandwiches.


Popcorn chicken, chicken/fish goujons, chicken skewers.


Cheese & tomato / pepperoni pizza fingers.

Cheese pastry puff wands.


Popcorn, Pombears and cheese corn snacks.


Platter of mini sausage rolls and baby sausages with Heinz tomato sauce.


Vegetable spring rolls and vegetable crudites with hummus and salsa.


Vegan/Keto menus available.


Catering for life's special moments. 

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