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We all know that food is great, but it’s even better when you can share it – as long as there’s enough for you to have your fill that is! 


We now provide sharing boards for your buffet table. 


Price by request.

Gold buffet menus 

The Gold buffet package is based on a luxury fork buffet using Gold standard meats, bread in baskets and savouries.


We provide platters of sliced meats or as sandwiches made using fresh on the day Bakery rolls/crusty bread and delicious medium sized meats and pie's. We will provide luxury disposable cutlery, plates and napkins for your guests needs. Porcelain crockery and stainless steel cutlery can also be provided, by request.

Gold luxury buffet platters - £13.50 per person 

Platters of tuna mayonnaise, salmon mayonnaise and chicken mayonnaise on crusty bread circles or as platters with pickles.

Italian bread slices platter - loaded cheesy garlic breads, garlic bread on its own or olive and red onion.
Platters of sliced roast beef, ham & chicken with accompanying sauces & pickles (or as prepared sandwiches) a list is provided. 
Assortment of savories - please choose a variety from the list provided.
Salad bowls of slaws, pasta and couscous.

Dessert choices up to numbers attending

Hot & Cold buffet - £20.00 per person 

Served cold:

Platters of tuna mayonnaise, poached salmon mayonnaise, brie and red grape on crusty bread circles

Platter of poached salmon, prawns and a small portion of sushi.

Served hot:

Roast beef with pickled onion relish, mustard and gravy / turkey, stuffing and gravy, pork with black pudding stuffing and gravy. Help yourself to sauces & pickles.


Assortment of cold or warmed savories - please choose a variety from a list provided


Salad choices and dessert selections


 Cake portion per person. Dessert list can be provided.

Cheese & Biscuits £4.00 per person

Sandwiches and savouries selections 



Italian bread slices - loaded cheesy garlic breads, garlic bread on its own or olive & red onion

Mini pitta pockets filled with egg mayonnaise, tuna & sweetcorn mayonnaise, salmon mayonnaise, chicken mayonnaise. 

Prosciutto, rocket & lemon mayonnaise served in tomato herb breads.

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork With Memphis BBQ Sauce.

BLT Streaky bacon, lettuce and tomato on chunky bread slices.

American turkey sandwich on seeded chunky bread slices.

Bao Buns - choose ffrom spicy veg, hoisin duck or spicy Teriyaki.

Spicy Italian on crusty rolls: Prosciutto, Provolone Cheese & Salami.

Roast beef swiss melt - only available with hot and cold menu.

BBQ chicken grilled cheese - bacon, chicken, bbq sauceand monterey jack cheese - only available with hot and cold menu

Vegetarian/vegan platter: cream cheese & roasted red pepper, hummus grated carrot & salad leaves, cottage cheese & pineapple, caramelised vegetable medley on baguette slices, creamed mushroom on toasted ciabatta.

Cheese assortment of cheddar cheese, brie & blue cheese, dressed with pickles, fruit, served with a selection of crackers (minimum 20 people).


We will provide a selection of savouries based on the menu price you have chosen unless you state a preference.




Medium sized or garland sausage rolls (gluten free available, by request)
Pork pie slices (Gala) or luxury hand-made pork pies, pigs in blankets.

Platter of poached salmon, prawns, and a small selection of sushi. Dressed with cucumber, dill, and lemon wedges. A lemon and pepper drizzle will be supplied. £12.00 and above buffets only.
Spicy chicken pizza and/or pepperoni pizza fingers (gluten free available, by request)
Spicy chicken wings, barbecue chicken wings, breaded chicken, goujons, popcorn chicken. Chicken skewers with peanut sauce. Chicken tikka samosas with cucumber, red onion and sweet chili dip and sprinkled with fresh coriander

Chicken skewers with sweet chilli sauce, tikka sauce, barbecue sauce.

Mini boa buns with various fillings. 
Crispy belly pork bites with noodle salad / pork loin slices with a sage dressing. 

Blue cheese potato bites with a rocket, balsamic and parmesan salad.

Luxury lamb, vegetable or chicken tikka samosas (minimum 20 people)

Mini tacos with various fillings: pork, beef and chicken flavours.
Spicy prawn skewer, cod bites, salmon bites on mini pancakes - served cold
Mini pizza assortment and/or garlic bread slices/ciabatta filled with melted cheese and ham, chicken & herb mayonnaise or welsh rarebit fillings (gluten free available by request)

Cheese assortment of cheddar cheese, brie and blue cheese, dressed with pickles and fruit and served with a selection of crackers (minimum 20 people).

Mini pastry squares with various fillings: pesto caprese, mushroom, french onion, ham and cheese, tomato and ricotta, brie and potato.

Wanton cups with various fillings: Thai chicken, prawn cocktail, spicy salmon and avacado, guacamole, tofu, banana blossom available.


We will provide a selection of savouries based on the menu price you have chosen unless you state a preference.


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Dine anywhere of Huddersfield, Wakefield & Sheffield take pride in producing hot & cold buffet food which is fresh, local and healthy (allergies and special dietary requirements a speciality). Our complete packages make it easy for you to choose the menu sequence or the buffet element at very reasonable prices. We can create a buffet from as little as £5.00 per head.


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