Feast with Dine anywhere! Catering for your events Call Jackie on 01484 605163 / 07905 944809 Email: info@dine-anywhere.co.uk It's free to Whatsap us, 07905 944809
Feast with Dine anywhere! Catering for your eventsCall Jackie on 01484 605163 / 07905 944809Email: info@dine-anywhere.co.ukIt's free to Whatsap us, 07905 944809

Catering for life's special moments. 

Delight your friends and family with The Best Party Food Platters or elaborate Sharing Boards from FEAST with Dine anywhere, we specialise in birthday parties, corporate functions and family celebrations. Whatsap us or call us on 07905 944809

Cheese: assortment of cheese slices and wedges.


Cooked meats:

Ham, chicken, beef, pork, turkey, haslet, corned beef, Pastrami, salami, chorizo


Bread: sauces, wedges and slices of artisan breads, and crackers will be supplied.

Assorted meat savouries board

Assorted mini quiche bites, cheese and chorizo pizza bread fingers, deli sausage rolls, slow roasted belly pork slices, slow roasted pork ribs, pork pie tower, savoury muffins, pie selection

Fish sharing boards

Poached salmon chunks, spicy king prawn skewers, mackerel fillets, squid rings. Sushi available. 

Thai fishcakes, cod fishcakes, Cod breaded fingers. Served with salad and chunky brown bread wedges.

Chicken sharing boards

Cooked chicken mini fillets in crusty cobs, sticky and sweet chicken wings in 3 flavours, chicken goujons with mayonnaise, coleslaw and corn on the cob, spicy Thai chicken skewers, assorted chicken pastries

Assorted meat sandwiches boards

Platter of ham, mustard & tomato sandwiches, beef, mild horseradish cream & red onion, chicken & herb mayonnaise, Asian spiced pork flatbreads, beef in sticky beer sauce, Chinese spicy crispy chicken, duck and hoisin sauce

Fish based sandwich boards 

Poached salmon and herb mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cream cheese, tuna and red onion in mayonnaise, prawn mayonnaise, flaked peppered mackerel club sandwich. We promise, we will cook the fish. 

Hot food catering - Whatsap us or call us on 07905 944809

We can provide hot food catering for all events. Kitchen not required, we can bring our own.


Our mobile kitchen is also for hire on a do-it-yourself basis. Contact us for advice and prices. 

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